Do you know a retired French resident outside France for more than 183 days a year (even non-successive periods) is not taxable in the country on the proceeds of his retirement? If resident in Morocco and if the pension is paid into an account opened in this country, it has reliefs allowing only pay 3.63% tax. For example, the amount of annual pension of € 20,000 imposition is 726 euros.
Morocco, for its quality of life, its climate, investment opportunities, a very attractive cost of living, as well as many other advantages, allows better enjoy his money.


We offer a range of services to help you secure your foremost transaction whatsoever.

- The goods we offer for sale are selected, we are able to provide answers to questions you may have about the regulations in force in Morocco.

- Acts, evidence of enjoyment, title, origin of property, etc ... must be sought, studied, collated, cataloged, supplemented as needed with the necessary stakeholders and presented to the Notary is empowered to ensure the drafting of a compromise or a definitive act.

- When renovating or building we propose to study your project based on your budget, you suggest a visit to achievements or projects.

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